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What we offer


Design and planning is a fundamental stage of any project. A well planned and designed project will always lead to a well-executed one. NPM has a professional and international team of Engineers and draftsman, with experts from well recognized E&P companies and can provides a range of services as follows:

  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Equipment Arrangement / Layout / Location / Legend / Marine Equipment
  • Supporting Structure Design (CAD modelling, FEA Analysis)
  • Facility Plot Plan
  • Underground / above ground Piping Installation Plans
  • Piping Plan / Layout / Arrangement
  • Electrical One / Three Line Diagrams
  • Instrument Loop Diagrams
  • Building Floor Plans and Elevations
  • Safety Instruction Sheets
  • Instrument Installation Schedules
  • Instrument Specification Sheets
  • Cable Schematics
  • Line Designation Tables

Design Process

Simple & Exhaustive

A systematic process always yields consistent results. Due to this philosophy we strive to be persistent and efficient in our efforts. Our typical design process follows the route indicated in the figure below and you can opt to adopt the same for your Engineering Requirements.

The process follows a simple sequence of steps:

  1. Identify
  2. Iterate
  3. Validate
  4. Control 

Using these simple steps we have been able fulfill client requirements from a range of fields with high Satisfaction. 

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