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EPC works typically require specialisation in a range of fields. Over the years this has allowed us to develop our core expertise in four engineering fields.


Services include support structure fabrication, tubing, hydraulics, cladding ....


Grid Stations erection, power transmission, control and power.


Construction of Foundations, trenching, roadworks etc.


Communication networks wireless, copper and Fiber Optic

Mechanical Engineering
  • We own a fields division team and uptake projects in the Power, Oil & Gas sector. Supporting clients with activities ranging from Installation, Upgradation and maintenance of Gas Turbine unit components, Pipelines and fabricating supporting structures.
  • Design Engineer services including activities such as CAD model development, FEA Analysis, Process & Instrument Diagrams’ and shop drawing development for manufacturing and fabrication works.
Electrical Engineering

NPM holds experience in installing motor control centres, lighting panels, and PLC Cabinets along with performing wiring and installation of instrumentation, valves, controls and tubing. Our instruments / controls and mechanical division work closely together to eliminate scheduling and routing issues that typically arise between crafts on projects. Installation activities offered include (but are not limited to):

  • Cable laying and dressing
  • Ferruling
  • Cable termination (MV, LV, CC, WAN, LAN & FO)
  • Gland installation
  • Installation of cable trays
  • Cable labelling
  • Earthing tests
  • Installation tests
  • Design Engineering services that can develop detailed cable scheduling, cable routing and P&ID’s
Civil Engineering

We believe such a diversification is not only an option but a necessity, keeping in mind that we strive for not only being able to achieve the task optimally but also provide our customers with a complete peace of mind in all fields of a project. Some of our core expertise has been in the field of design involving conventional steel framing, pre-engineered structures, tilt-up concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry building systems. Our staff is trained to work closely with the client’s demands and exceed expectations.

  • Structural Design of Buildings.
  • Bridge Design.
  • Foundation Systems.
  • Special Industrial Equipment Foundation
  • Parking Structures.
  • Drainage Utility Structures.
  • Retaining Wall Systems.
  • Investigation of Existing Structures.
  • Lateral Load Analysis.
  • 3D Simulation of Structural Framing Performance
  • Concrete, Steel and Masonry Design.
  • Comparative Cost Evaluation of Competing
  • Structural Systems

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